Announcing the .NET Summer Hackfest!

Sign up now for the MvvmCross .NET Summer Hackfest!

Registration is now open for the MvvmCross .NET Summer Hackfest! Running from August 21st to September 2nd, it will bring together contributors from around the world to build and improve the MvvmCross framework!

Our main goals for the two week session are to:

  • Convert MvvmCross to the .NET Standard
  • Update samples to latest version
  • Add more async Task based code
  • Update and create more website content
  • Improve the documentation
  • Work on up-for-grabs issues
  • Join the .NET Foundation

Learn more and sign up as a contributor now!

We’ll kickoff on Monday, August 21, and then wrap up the two weeks of hard work on Saturday, September 2nd with the MvvmCross HackDay in Amsterdam, complete with talks by the MvvmCross leadership team and an afternoon hackathon!

The .NET Summer Hackfest is a new initiative from the .NET Foundation, aiming at inspiring substantial contributions to .NET open source projects over the summer while getting more people involved in the community. Learn more and take a look at all the projects participating on the .NET Foundation blog