The ResourceLoader plugin provides access to files bundled within the app package.

  • On Android, this is for files bundled in the Assets folder and marked as Build Action of AndroidAsset
  • On iOS and Windows, this is for files bundled with a Build Action of Content

On several platforms, the ResourceLoader plugin requires an IMvxFileStore is available. One easy way to supply this is to load the File plugin.

The main interface supplied by this plugin is:

public interface IMvxResourceLoader
    bool ResourceExists(string resourcePath);
    string GetTextResource(string resourcePath);
    void GetResourceStream(string resourcePath, Action<Stream> streamAction);

For a text file ‘Hello.txt’ bundled in a folder ‘Foo’, this can be called as:

var loader = Mvx.Resolve<IMvxResourceLoader>();
var contents = loader.GetTextResource("Foo/Hello.txt");

Samples using the ResourceLoader plugin include:

  • Babel - JsonLocalisation - see
  • Conference - the sessions are loaded from Json resources - see