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The .NET Summer Hackfest

MvvmCross is one of the projects taking part in the inaugural .NET Summer Hackfest, organized by the .NET Foundation! Running for two weeks from August 21st to September 2nd, 2017, the MvvmCross session will see contributors from around the world work together virtually to build and improve the framework, with two exciting in-person events also planned! Participation is open to all, whether you’re a first-time or long-time contributor.

The main goals are to:

  • Convert MvvmCross to the .NET Standard
  • Update samples to latest version
  • Add more async Task based code
  • Update and create more website content
  • Improve the documentation
  • Work on up-for-grabs issues
  • Join the .NET Foundation

Take part in the MvvmCross .NET Summer Hackfest!

Why should I join?

Taking part in the MvvmCross .NET Summer Hackfest is a great chance to get started as a contributor to Open Source projects, to learn Xamarin and MvvmCross more in-depth and to get in touch with world-class mobile developers while giving back to the community. And every participant will also receive a set of MvvmCross goodies in the mail!

How does it work?

We've created a new GitHub project which lists all of the tasks planned during the two week period. Once you register, you can ask to get assigned to an issue and make a pull request! The MvvmCross Core team will review any new issue and pull request as soon as possible in the two week hackfest to make the experience of contributing as smooth as possible.

Virtual kickoff event

We’ll kick-off the hackfest together on Monday, August 21st at 19:00 CEST with a livestream hosted by MvvmCross lead contributor Martijn van Dijk. This will be a chance to ask questions and watch a demo on getting started!

Join these developers who’ve already committed

Avatar Name GitHub
GitHub Avatar Martijn v. @martijn00
GitHub Avatar Garfield L. @Garfield550
GitHub Avatar Nicolas M. @mnmilcoff
GitHub Avatar Alexandru S. @AlexStefan
GitHub Avatar Mihai B. @AlexStefan
GitHub Avatar Jorge C. @keozx
GitHub Avatar Tomasz C. @Cheesebaron
GitHub Avatar Axel G. @axelgorris
GitHub Avatar Tarun P. @pothulapati
GitHub Avatar Iain S. @b099l3
GitHub Avatar Mario G. @15mgm15
GitHub Avatar Ishai H. @eshy
GitHub Avatar Michael C. @kiliman
GitHub Avatar Kelvin S. @nzkelvin
GitHub Avatar Vasiliy U. @prandtl
GitHub Avatar Aaron L. @biozal
GitHub Avatar Roger L. @RogerLM
GitHub Avatar Carlos G. @devcfgc
GitHub Avatar Albert T. @tanure
GitHub Avatar Venkataramana M. @VenkatsQuest
GitHub Avatar Waylon M. @waylonmtz
GitHub Avatar Javier F. @javierjfernandez
GitHub Avatar Chris L. @c-lamont
GitHub Avatar Daniel S. @yero007
GitHub Avatar Michal O. @orzech85
GitHub Avatar Vladimir A. @descorp
GitHub Avatar Anna D. @foxanna
GitHub Avatar Anders B. @mellson
GitHub Avatar Rajeev S. @RajeevSirohi
GitHub Avatar Vlad F. @vladfasie
GitHub Avatar Daniel K. @Daniel-Krzyczkowski
GitHub Avatar Vishal G. @vishalgoyal7
GitHub Avatar Federico M. @fedemkr
GitHub Avatar Ivan M. @Vertygo
GitHub Avatar Matthew S. @MatthewSannes
GitHub Avatar Akhan Z. @ahanoff
GitHub Avatar Ed P. @pricimus
GitHub Avatar Vineeth P. @VineethReddy02
GitHub Avatar Javier F. @javierjfernandesd
GitHub Avatar Simone A. @Symonsoft

Join us in Amsterdam for the closing event!

MvvmCross HackDay, powered by Xablu

Saturday, September 2nd, from 9am-5pm

Join MvvmCross contributors from Europe and around the world for a full day dedicated to the extension! We’ll have a morning of talks from the MvvmCross leadership team, followed by an afternoon hackathon to finish off the two weeks of hard work!


Tomasz Cielecki

Martijn van Dijk

Nico Milcoff

Maurits van Beusekom

Marc Bruins

Mike James