The MethodBinding plugin is part of the Rio binding extensions for MvvmCross.

The MethodBinding plugin is a pure PCL plugin - it contains only a PCL assembly.

When MethodBinding is loaded, then MvvmCross data-binding:

  • can use public methods as well as ICommand properties for action/command binding.

An example, Rio-based ViewModel using both FieldBinding and MethodBinding is:

public class FirstViewModel
    : MvxViewModel
    private readonly IDataStore _dataStore;

    public FirstViewModel(IDataStore dataStore)
        _dataStore = dataStore;

    public void Init(int id)
        var person = _dataStore.Get<Person>(id);
        Id.Value = id;
        FirstName.Value = person.FirstName;
        LastName.Value = person.LastName;

    public readonly INC<int> Id = new NC<int>();
    public readonly INC<string> FirstName = new NC<string>();
    public readonly INC<string> LastName = new NC<string>();

    public void Save()
        var person = _dataStore.Get<Person>(id);
        person.FirstName = FirstName.Value;
        person.LastName = LastName.Value;

The Save method in this class could be accessed using Android syntax:

        local:MvxBind='Click Save' />

For more on Rio MethodBinding see N=36 on