Upgrade from 4 to 5


NuGet package changes

Since MvvmCross 5.0 some packages have been changed or moved.

old NuGet package new NuGet package
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V4 MvvmCross.Droid.Support.Core.UI, MvvmCross.Droid.Support.Core.Utils, MvvmCross.Droid.Support.Fragment
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V7.Fragging MvvmCross.Droid.Support.Fragment
MvvmCross.Forms.Presenter MvvmCross.Forms


To make sure your navigation stays up-to-date change all your ShowViewModel<>() calls to the new navigation explained in the documentation

Example before:

private IMvxCommand _navigateCommand;
public IMvxCommand NavigateCommand
        _navigateCommand = _navigateCommand ?? new MvxCommand(() => ShowViewModel<TViewModel>());
        return _navigateCommand;


private IMvxAsyncCommand _navigateCommand;
public IMvxAsyncCommand NavigateCommand
        _navigateCommand = _navigateCommand ?? new MvxAsyncCommand(() => _navigationService.Navigate<TViewModel>());
        return _navigateCommand;

Also your public void Init() won’t be called anymore. This is because this was done using reflection. With the new navigation a method called public override async Task Initialize() will be called. This method is typed and async.


iOS View Presenter and Tab bar control

With version 5 of MvvmCross the iOS View Presenter received a major overhaul. This results in a few changes especially when using the tab bar control.

  • The IMvxTabBarPresenter (and its implementation MvxTabsViewPresenter) have been removed and are now fully integrated with the MvxIosViewPresenter class. When you are using the tab bar control, please replace the MvxTabsViewPresenter with the MvxIosViewPresenter;
  • Like in the previous versions you would still decorate your view controllers with the MvxTabPresentationAttribute attribute, however it has now moved to a new namespace. Namely from MvvmCross.iOS.Support.Presenters to MvvmCross.iOS.Views.Presenters.Attributes.
  • The MvxTabPresentationAttribute no longer accepts the MvxTabPresentationMode enum as a parameter. These options have now been replaced by their own attributes. See following table (all attributes are located in the MvvmCross.iOS.Views.Presenters.Attributes namespace):
MxvTabPresentationMode new Attribute
Root MvxRootPresentationAttribute
Tab MvxTabPresentationAttribute
Child MvxChildPresentationAttribute
Modal MvxModalPresentationAttribute

Detailed information regarding the new iOS View Presenter and the above attributes can be found in the iOS View Presenter section of the documentation.


Update your code to use the new base classes, support for MvvmCross bindings and improved presenters. Information about this can be found in: Xamarin.Forms

MvxFormsApp has changed to MvxFormsApplication

Changes to test

The following things are recommended to test

  • iOS Presenters and navigation
  • Plugins you used that are removed now