MvvmCross Packages


MvvmCross is a very extensible framework. There is a lot already been made by the community which you can use. On this page you will find the MvvmCross nuget packages currently available.

Name Description Link
MvvmCross.StarterPack When starting a fresh project you should install this nuget. This will add all files to get you started. Afterwards you need to remove the nuget reference again manually from all your packages.config files (not through Nuget as this will delete the source files). NuGet
MvvmCross.Forms.StarterPack When starting a fresh Xamarin Forms project and want to use MvvmCross you should install this nuget. This will add all files to get started. In the core project you will find a ToDo file to get the project working. NuGet
MvvmCross Main nuget. This will add Core and Binding. NuGet
MvvmCross.Platform Contains the libraries for all the separate platforms. NuGet
MvvmCross.Core Core libraries for the base of your app. NuGet
MvvmCross.Forms Main nuget for Xamarin Forms. NuGet
MvvmCross.Tests Test helpers NuGet
MvvmCross.Console.Platform   NuGet
MvvmCross.CodeAnalysis Code fixes for MvvmCross NuGet
MvvmCross.Binding Bindings system for all platforms NuGet
MvvmCross.BindingEx   NuGet

Android Support

Name Description Link
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V4   NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V7.AppCompat AppCompat for MvvmCross NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V7.Fragging Android support fragments, caching and helpers NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V7.Preference   NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V7.RecyclerView   NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V14.Preference   NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.V17.Leanback   NuGet
MvvmCross.Droid.Support.Design   NuGet

iOS Support

Name Description Link
MvvmCross.iOS.Support Helpers, featured ViewPresenters and Base classes for iOS NuGet
MvvmCross.iOS.Support.JASidePanels Implementation for JASidePanels library NuGet
MvvmCross.iOS.Support.XamarinSidebar Implementation for XamarinSidebar library NuGet


Name Description Link
MvvmCross.Plugin.All   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Accelerometer   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Bookmarks   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Color   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.DownloadCache   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Email   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.FieldBinding   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.File   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Json   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.JsonLocalization   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Location   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Messenger   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.MethodBinding   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Network   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.PictureChooser   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.ReflectionEx   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.ResourceLoader   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Share   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.SoundEffects   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.SQLitePCL   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.ThreadUtils   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.Visibility   NuGet
MvvmCross.Plugin.WebBrowser   NuGet