MvvmCross 7.1.0

A new MvvmCross version is available on NuGet! You can always find the latest changelog in the root of the repository to see what has changed between versions.

This is minor version primarily with bugfixes and clean up of code around the Android and iOS presenter code. We have also gone ahead and removed the Network and File plugins as a result of this poll. As an alternative to the File plugin we recommend you to take a look at the NuGet package System.IO.Abstractions. For alternatives to the Network plugin, we can recommend a mix of using Xamarin.Essentials for detecting Network connectivity and for making API requests using:

All the presenter code on Android and iOS now have nullability attributes added. The breaking changes in this code are a result of adding the nullability attributes and checking conditions for public API. If you pass a null into a method which doesn’t expect nulls, it will in most cases throw a ArgumentNullException now.

ViewModel parameters and results need to be a reference type now to check for nullability.

New features

There are a couple of new features included in this release.

  • On iOS we now have MvxPopoverPresentationAttribute which allows you to show a pop-over. Take a look at this pull request for more information.
  • On Android MvxFragmentPresentationAttribute has been extended with a AddFragment property. This can control how Android Fragments are transitioned. The default behavior is as it was previously where we use Replace on Fragments. Setting AddFragment lets you use Add instead, to just add the Fragment on top of the stack.


A big, thank you, to all contributors. We always appreciate discussion and contributions. If you want to contribute to MvvmCross, please join us on the DotNet Evolution Discord in the #MvvmCross channel.


7.1.0 (2020-10-21)

Full Changelog

Breaking changes:

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • No windows is presented when trying to launch Mac app #3830
  • fix for adjusting scrollview insets twice #3950 (Hackmodford)

Closed issues:

  • Fragment.Instantiate is deprecated #3949
  • Poll: Removal of Plugins File and Network #3915

Merged pull requests: