MvvmCross 9.0.0

It has been a little while since the last MvvmCross release, but here is a bit one.

Today we announce MvvmCross 9.0.0!

This version of MvvmCross is now only targeting .NET 6.0 all old target frameworks have been removed. This improves quality of life significantly when working on MvvmCross, and lessens the amount of targets we have.

Since we are now exclusively targeting .NET6.0, we needed to remove Windows Universal App support and Xamarin.Forms support, as these don’t have .NET6.0 compatibility.

If you are still on an old target framework, you will have to stay on an older version of MvvmCross.

There are also a couple of breaking changes to MvvmCross, removing the broken backwards navigation where you would provide return parameters for the awaiter of the Close method. This wasn’t lifecycle aware and caused many headaches, hence why it was removed.


9.0.0 (2022-09-10)

Full Changelog

Breaking changes:

  • Remove broken Navigate methods that pass back data when calling Close #4262
  • Add .NET 6.0 Support #4319 (Cheesebaron)
  • Remove broken TResult ViewModel and in navigation service #4312 (Cheesebaron)

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • An application crash due to duplicates in ‘ViewAssemblies’ collection #4295
  • Crash on iOS when utilizing Custom modal presentation #4294
  • Throw ThreadCanceledException when using IMvxNavigationService.Navigate in IMvxNavigationService.Navigate<…, TResult>() #4261
  • wpf AppStart - first view not shown #4221
  • Inconsistent ‘TResult’ type parameter constraints #4206
  • Fixed never re laying out the view when Margin bound value changes on Android #4388 (entdark)
  • Use string key in dictionary instead on not uniquie hash code #4341 (ivmazurenko)
  • Remove constraints on IMvxViewModel TParameter and TResult #4299 (Cheesebaron)
  • Bugfix - iOS - Crash on Custom Modal’s #4293 (justinwojo)
  • Only warn about lollipop Shared element transition if using Interface #4292 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix wpf default presentation #4291 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix Android Top Activity #4290 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix appcompat searchview query targetbinding not registered #4231 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix navigate with TParameter and TResult resulting in crash #4230 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix potential null ref in MvxColorValueConverter #4229 (Cheesebaron)
  • Fix resolving of IMvxTextProvider #4209 (2urbo)

Closed issues:

  • Update to iOS 15 Preventing Table Cells from Being Reused #4330

Merged pull requests: