Upgrade from 3 to 4


NuGet package changes

Since MvvmCross 4, the NuGet package names have changed. All packages containing the name HotTuna or Cirrious have been renamed. If you update the packages using Nuget to a version greater than 4, the new NuGet packages will be automatically installed. However, you should delete the old HotTuna or Cirrious packages from your solution after the update.

old NuGet package new NuGet package
MvvmCross.HotTuna.AutoViews MvvmCross.AutoView
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Binding MvvmCross.Binding
MvvmCross.HotTuna.CrossCore MvvmCross.Platform
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Droid.AutoViews MvvmCross.AutoView.Droid
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Droid.Dialog MvvmCross.Dialog.Droid
MvvmCross.HotTuna.MvvmCrossLibraries MvvmCross.Core
MvvmCross.HotTuna.StarterPack MvvmCross.StarterPack
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Tests MvvmCross.Tests
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Touch.AutoViews MvvmCross.AutoView.iOS
MvvmCross.HotTuna.Touch.Dialog MvvmCross.Dialog.iOS
MvvmCross MvvmCross

Additionally, the JsonLocalisation plugin has been renamed to JsonLocalization. The package MvvmCross.StarterPack contains sample code and should be removed manually from the packages.config files after adding it to your project (its dependencies will remain there). For an empty project, it is suggested you install MvvmCross.StarterPack. For an existing project or if you don’t want the sample code, it is suggested you install MvvmCross.

Namespace changes

The namespaces beginning with Cirrious have had the Cirrious part removed from them. Cirrious.CrossCore has been moved to MvvmCross.Platform and Cirrious.MvvmCross has moved to MvvmCross.Core. All namespaces named Touch have been renamed to iOS since MonoTouch has since been renamed to Xamarin.iOS. If you are maintaining a plugin and have a project ending in .Touch you should also rename it to .iOS.

Type changes

All classes, methods, and properties containing the term Touch were replaced with Ios. For example, the class MvxTouchSetup is now called MvxIosSetup.

Mac support

All Nugets now support Xamarin.Mac (Unified API). Add the MvvmCross.StarterPack NuGet to an empty Xamarin.Mac project in Xamarin Studio to help you get started with sample code.