MvvmCross 4.0-beta7

C#6, general cleanup and Android-Support fixes

You might wonder why there is no beta-6. This is because last release of beta 5 something with Android support went wrong, and we had to add a beta6 for that already.

Most important changes

  • Cleanup of code using C#6 #1182
  • Leanback project fixes #141
  • Remove Currious from namespace on Android and Xamarin.Forms #132

For a full list of changes see the merged PR’s of the repositories.

Overview of all repo’s

The new release is available on Nuget.

See the issue list for an overview of all solved issue’s and merged pull requests. Those lists are also available for Android Support and MvvmCross Forms

If you need any help you can get in touch via Slack, or open a topic on StackOverflow and tag it with “MvvmCross”.

Let us know if you find any bugs!

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