MvvmCross 4.0-beta4

New logo, Android support improvements, UWP presenter and bug fixes

In this release we introduced the first part of a series of changes to the website, blog and documentation: the logo! We’ve changed it for all the Nuget packages, the current blog and other communication channels. We are proud to present it here:

alt text

In this release we fixed:

New projects for Android Support packages

Note that some Android packages are on beta5 because beta4 had some issue’s.

The samples for Android-Support have been improved to handle more situations in an apps lifecycle, and show the new features MvvmCross has. If you are missing functionality in the new projects please add an issue so we can look into it. Any help / PR’s would be appreciated!

  • A custom multiple region presenter for Windows UWP has been added #1157
  • New Android specific MvxPropertyChangedListener #1145
  • Possibility to get fragment info by tag in MvxCachingFragmentActivity #1143
  • MvvmCross Forms updated to the latest version #25

The assembly versions on plugins have been bumped to If you run into trouble after updating, make sure that you have all references set to the latest version.

Overview of all repo’s

Overview of changes in this release


  • Value type conversions when binding to nfloat, nint or uint fixed
  • GetFragmentInfoByTag added in MvxCachingFragmentActivity
  • Added missing AssemblyInfo files for many projects
  • Added Android specific PropertyChanged listener to avoid crashes
  • WindowsCommon plugins are now valid for WindowsUWP projects
  • Discover CanExecuteXyz Properties
  • Added Multi region presenter for Windows projects
  • Removed dependency on Bindings from CrossCore
  • Added dependency on CrossCore from Bindings


  • Use BitmapCompat to get image sizes in DownloadCache
  • Added missing AssemblyInfo files


  • Improved samples
  • Added ReplaceMode for Fragments in MvxCachingFragmentActivity
  • Now comparing bundles to determine whether to replace a fragment or not
  • GetFragmentInfoByTag added in MvxCachingFragmentActivity
  • Built against the new v23 Android Support packages
  • Added new porjects for leanback, design and preference


  • Updated Xamarin.Forms package
  • Built against new MvvmCross betas

The new release is available on Nuget.

See the issue list for an overview of all solved issue’s and merged pull requests. Those lists are also available for Android Support and MvvmCross Forms

If you need any help you can get in touch via the JabbR #mvvmcross room, or open a topic on StackOverflow and tag it with “MvvmCross”.

Let us know if you find any bugs!

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  • Cheesebaron ʕ•̫͡•ʔ