New MvvmCross blog and 4.0.0 alphas!

Hello MvvmCross devs,

The team behind MvvmCross decided that an official blog, rather than Stuarts personal blog, would be more suited for announcements and official statements from the team. The plan is to keep you updated on changes, new features, samples and other useful things.

The project is growing and more people are joining in, to help us make MvvmCross more awesome than it is. You may have noticed we are working on a new version, 4.0.0, of MvvmCross. Among the new things this release will contain are:

  • No more copying MvxAttributes.xml on Android
  • Cleanup of NuGet packages
  • New projects for supporting the Android Support packages, including V4, V7 and the design libraries. Along with bindings for various view types, improved Fragment handling and more.
  • Download Cache made async
  • Official Xamarin.Forms support (forked from Cheesebaron.MvxPlugins)

This release will also break some things and restructure things slightly. As part of the new Support Packages, the Fragments stuff has been moved out of the main repository, this also means the old Fragging and FullFragging NuGet packages have been hidden from search listings, to encourage you to use the new packages.

We plan to make some more documentation and samples to get you up to speed on all the new stuff. In the meantime, if you feel dangerous and feel like trying out the new 4.0.0 alpha releases, they are already out on NuGet as pre-releases. You can come by JabbR #mvvmcross and get some help too. We also have a sample up of some of the new Android Support stuff you can play with and also a sample for the Xamarin.Forms stuff.

We will keep you posted.

//Cheesebaron ʕ•̫͡•ʔ