3.1.1 - pushed to binaries and to nuget

I’ve pushed 3.1.1 to nuget and to MvvmCross Binaries

The complete list of changes from 3.0.14 is below.

The main thing to be aware of is:

MvvmCross is now on profile 158 and so now does have official Xamarin support… but no longer supports WP7

The list for 3.1.2 is already forming on https://github.com/MvvmCross/MvvmCross/issues?milestone=1&page=1&state=open

Thanks to everyone who has contributed - you’re all awesome and wonderful


Changes in 3.1.1-beta1:

  • Switch to profile 158 for all portable assemblies
  • Switch to WP8 for all WindowsPhone projects - plus System.Windows.Interactivity dependency updated to 3.9.5
  • Fragging now uses the Google Xamarin.Android v4 support library rather than the Mono.Android one.
  • Html email fix for Android
  • Changes to nuget referencing (especially WP8 and SL5)
  • To avoid angst, the existing SQLite plugin is no longer marked “obsolete” - I still encourage everyone to switch to the new community plugin as it is the better plugin (and I encourage people to step forwards to take over the admin of this too!)
  • Improved helper method for subscribing to Interaction events
  • A draft IMvxComposeEmailTaskEx interface has been added to the mail plugin allowing attachments and multiple addresses on some platforms. More work is still needed here

Changes in 3.1.1-beta2:

  • softlion’s Accessory fix for Content in Xamarin.iOS table cells
  • removal of the unused Content set property accessor in in Xamarin.Android list view items
  • inclusion of more efficient Exists methods in Windows Store
  • allowing non-void command methods in CommandCollectionBuilder
  • an attempt at fixing the KitKat spinner inflation problem thanks especially to Cheesebaron
  • an initial Community SQLite 158 port thanks to CreepyGnome and Tofutim

Changes in 3.1.1-beta3 and 3.1.1-beta4:

  • Android Email attachment thanks to @holgmans
  • MvxNativeValueConverter inner-wrapper access thanks to @damirarh
  • Tibet leak fixed for Xaml platforms
  • Tabs fragment provide hook to allow transitions thanks to @softlion
  • Droid Honeycomb list activation code included - thanks to several people
  • MvxCommand changed to use weak reference event manager
  • Droid Click and iOS TouchUpInside bindings changed to use CanExecuteChanged
  • Company name included in all assemblies (to stop Windows Store complaining!)
  • LayoutBorderWidth binding added in iOS - thanks to @stephanvs

Changes in 3.1.1-beta5:

  • ImagePicker graceful handling of corrupt Android image files
  • Fix for Tibet binding - functional form of ValueConverter calling now allows better handling for True, False and Null
  • Minor fixes for a couple of improved trace messages
  • Refactor of MvxViewsContainer - Setup can now more easily override IMvxViewsContainer creation.
  • IoC - warn users if we detect circular resolution
  • IoC - provide PropertyInjector
  • Fix for CanExecuteChanged binding on Touch - weak references were too weak.

Changes in from beta5 to 3.1.1 release:

  • Default binding provided for UIProgressView
  • NativeValueConverter improved (virtual methods provided)
  • MvxColor debug output improved (argb not rgba)
  • MvxViewModelLoader now initialised more cleanly as a singleton
  • FolderExists improved in WindowsStore File plugin
  • Null target handling improved in Windows BindingEx
  • Null evaluation fixed for Tibet binding