3.0.12 pushed to MvvmCross-Binaries (not quite on Nuget yet)

I’ve just pushed build 3.0.12 to https://github.com/slodge/MvvmCross-Binaries/

It will appear on Nuget when I can work out what’s broken on https://nuget.codeplex.com/discussions/456158 (apparently this is a nuget.org problem - and should be fixed tomorrow)

This build is pretty similar to the 3.0.11-beta build that I know many of you have been using for the last week.

This is the first build to be linked against the new ‘async’ and ‘PCL’ Mono 3 based releases from Xamarin.

There seems to be some issues with the latest releases from Xamarin - especially concerning https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=14520 - so other patches may follow soon.

Possible breaking changes in 3.0.12 are: Updates for Xamarin PCL support - iOS apps must now use the Mono ‘System.Windows’ PCL shim and not the ones previously supplied by MvvmCross.

This Mono ‘System.Windows’ assembly should be present in the ‘Add Reference… Assemblies Framework’ list after you have connected Visual Studio to your Mac and have synced the SDK. However, I have personally had some issues with this (sometimes it has asked me to sync every few minutes…)

Using this Mono Shim may report in some ‘warnings’ about different strong-named System.Windows assemblies during linking from the MonoTouch compiler - but these warnings (so far) seem to result only in slightly slower link times. Updates for Xamarin PCL support - all PCL projects should currently build as Profile 104 on both PC and Mac (previously we had to specify ‘Profile1’ for Mac support) The default constructors in the MvvmCross Dialog port of StyledStringElement now match the main MonoTouch.Dialog implementations - this clears #402 and#328 but may effect any users currently relying on the current implementation (to workaround any problems, use the constructor which allows cell type to be specified)

Other noteworthy changes for MvvmCross in 3.0.12 are:

  • small changes to unify Adapter configuration across all Android list-based views (all can now be passed null in the constructor) - #390
  • small fix in Email plugin for empty cc field - #385
  • a new IMvxViewModelByNameRegistry interface which allows plugins to register ViewModels if they want to - #405
  • StyledStringElement Visible implemented - #403

As an aside… some of you may be wondering what happened to 3.0.11? It kind of got confused in the build process… so I decided to clean and build 3.0.12 instead - sorry!