3rd party plugins


On this page you can find MvvmCross plugins that are made by 3rd parties. Feel free to add any missing plugin to this table.

Plugin Summary Platforms Link
ACR User Dialogs A cross platform library that allows you to call for standard user dialogs from a shared/portable library. Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.0, UWP Github
Pushwoosh plugin for MvvmCross MvvmCross plugin that wraps the native Pushwoosh SDK Android, iOS Nuget
Infinite Scroll Plugin Infinite Scrolling/Incremental Scrolling for lists Android, iOS, UWP Github
Bluetooth LE Plugin Use bluetooth low energy Android, iOS Nuget
Fingerprint Authenticate users via fingerprint Android, iOS, UWP Nuget
Mvx.Clipboard Access the device’s clipboard Android, iOS, WPF, UWP Github
Mvx.Volume Handle the device’s volume Android, iOS Github
Mvx.CreditCardScan Scan credit cards using OCR Android, iOS Github
Mvx.Flashlight Access the device’s flash/torch Android, iOS Github
Mvx.Microphone Access the device’s microphone Android, iOS Github
Mvx.Picasso Target Bindings for Picasso Android Github
ExRam.MvvmCross.ObservableBinding Support MvvmCross-Bindings to IObservable<T>-properties in view models. All Github
FFImageLoading Load images quickly and easy (even using data binding) using MvxCachedImageView Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Tizen Github
Mvx.Brightness Access the device’s brightness Android, iOS Nuget
Mvx.Plugin.QrCode Scan QR Code or barcode Android, iOS Github